Monday, 25 March 2013

Photo shoot for Archive 12

I wanted to share some images of make up I did at a photo shoot at the start of the year. It was for a new business that specialises in stunning vintage bridal wear. I have to say this is by far one of my favourite shoots that I have had the pleasure of working on. The crew we had were amazing from the hair stylist, the photographer to the gorgeous model herself, everyone worked so well together and a result we got some amazing images. The lovely people who made this photo shoot happen were....

* Photographer : Helen Sloan & Dee Elliot
* Photographer Assistant : Adele Smyth- Kennedy
* Owner of Archive & Stylist : Claire Leese
* Styling assistant : Geri Doherty
* Hairdresser : Kelly McLean
* Make up : Jenn Bowman
* Model : Jenny Curran

The make up was natural bridal make up that changed with either liner or lip colour depending on the era and style of dress. The dresses are absolutely stunning and would highly recommend checking out the website if you are wanting your wedding dress to be that extra special and with an authentic vintage touch!

You can find the link here for the site:

The link for Kelly's very vintage salon is here ( amazing salon for Ladies & Gents) :

To find the unbelievably talented photographers they can be found on google or imbd!! It's worth a google just to see some of the breathtaking photos that they have taken!

The model can be found at the ACA model agency.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed being apart of them being taken!!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DIY Lip & Concealer Palettes

I am always trying to find better ways to pack my make up kit and make it more compact, so recently I have been making my own lip palettes to cut down the bulk of lipsticks that I have in my kit. It is so easy to do! All you need is...

* Lipsticks
* An empty palette, mine are from MUJI
* A tea light candle
* A knife and spoon

I prefer to melt them into the palette as it is a far neater way of putting them into the the palette rather than mushing them in.

I then had the idea to do the same with individual cream concealers. I made this into a smaller palette, this empty palette held 6 concealers. You need and use the exact same things as you would wen making the lipstick palettes as listed above.

I am so pleased with the finished result as it means I have more room in my kit to fill , and these are a great addition to have in my set bag !!,