Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DIY Lip & Concealer Palettes

I am always trying to find better ways to pack my make up kit and make it more compact, so recently I have been making my own lip palettes to cut down the bulk of lipsticks that I have in my kit. It is so easy to do! All you need is...

* Lipsticks
* An empty palette, mine are from MUJI
* A tea light candle
* A knife and spoon

I prefer to melt them into the palette as it is a far neater way of putting them into the the palette rather than mushing them in.

I then had the idea to do the same with individual cream concealers. I made this into a smaller palette, this empty palette held 6 concealers. You need and use the exact same things as you would wen making the lipstick palettes as listed above.

I am so pleased with the finished result as it means I have more room in my kit to fill , and these are a great addition to have in my set bag !!,


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