Thursday, 19 July 2012

Favourite Lip Duo #1

The first favourite lip duo that i am going to show you is....

Illamasqua's lipstick in 'Underworld'


Rimmel's Vinyl Lipgloss in 'No Regrets'

I absolutely love this lip duo and think that they go together perfectly.Illamasqua's Underworld is a bright pink/purple with a blue under tone which can alter the colour depending on which way the light is shining. Even on its own this lipstick is so unusual and looks amazing on. It is a Matt lipstick so can be quite drying on the lips , but I find it applies smooth and easily. I like to pair this with Rimmel's Vinyl No Regrets. This gloss is the same pink/purple shade with blue glitter/undertone to it so suits the lipstick perfectly. he blue in the gloss and the lipstick also helps to give the illusion to whiter teeth.

Swatched on skin

On the lips


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tangle Teezer

If you are like me and have uncontrollably thick hair , or even if its thin and extremely tangled, you will be able to appreciate how irritating it is to brush your hair! I find it even worse when Ive just wash it and it goes into curly mess of tattyness. I have found the answer to my prayers and that is the tangle teezer..hurrah!


At first I had heard of the Tangle Teezer but hadn't thought much of it , but I kept hearing more and more people talk about how brilliant they were. So I eventually went and got one. I opted for the compact one that had a lid that helps protect the bristles, as I thought this would be handy if I was wanting to throw it into my handbag and it would stop it from getting wrecked.


I thought the choice of packaging was gorgeous and appealing. I went for the pink and black one, there was also a choice of black and gold out of the travel style's. Since i got my Tangle Teezer I haven't looked back, I absolutely love it! It makes it so easy to brush through my hair, be it it after washing it or throughout the day. It is the innovative teeth design that manages to work its way through tangled hair without discomfort and pain. It is also brilliant for back combing if you are wanting to add some volume to your hair.

I use this everyday and would highly recommend it to anyone that has trouble with thick, tangled, unruly hair! You can snap one up from £10.99 - £13.29 and are available at Boot's, Sallys and online. The compact one that i purchased was £12.99, but I definitely think they are worth every penny :)


Link to their website :

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Revlon seen to be on a roll this summer with their lip products, from their popular lip butters to now their new just bitten kissable balm stains. After seeing the advertising for this new product i new straight away that i wanted to try them as i have been wanting a lip product in the form of a chubby pencil for quite a while.

The Balm stains have a great introductory offer of only £5.99 and ill then be priced at £7.99, so you are making a saving of £2, this offer is in Superdrug and Boot's at the moment. Even at the £7.99 i think that this is a great price point as well as brilliant value for money for such a great quality product.

The Revelon Balm Stains have been compared to the Clinque Chubby sticks, i myself have never owned a Chubby stick so can't do a comparison, but as far as appearance is concerned they are almost identical other than the Chubby Sticks have silver lids.

I really like the packaging and am really pleased that the product doesn't need sharpened, it twists at the bottom which saves any hassle trying to sharpen it. The lid is very sturdy and wouldn't fall off in a makeup/ handbag. The product itself is what it says on the tin!! It has great colour payoff that lasts long on the lips as it is a stain, but with the balm formulation it doesn't leave the lips dry , quite the opposite it leaves the lips feeling smooth and moisturised.  It has a light mint fragrance and feels cool and refreshing on the lips. It is very lightweight so is perfect for the summer


It comes in 6 different shades all perfect for summer wear, evening and day! I got the shade 015 Cherish Devotion. It is the lighter of the 2 pink shades but can be built up to a string pink or a quick wash of it can be applied to give a natural pink flush to the lips.


I have really enjoyed using this product so far, and is handy to keep in my handbag to give a quick flush of colour on my lips without having to worry to much about how its applied. Application is so easy as it is in a pencil form so is very quick and easy for those on the go.

I think Revlon have hit the nail on the head again with this lip product, and look forward to see what else they bring out this season!


A love affair with liner

Everyone has that one make up item that if you were deserted in a desert island it would be the one they would take, and for me that's eyeliner!! An not just any eyeliner, for me it has to be the Illamasqua Eyeliner Cake. For me it is the number 1 eyeliner that I've ever come across. You get so much product for the bargain price of £15.50, as it will  last forever. (even cheaper at £9.30 if you have a professional account with illamasqua)  Unlike liquid and cream liners, it doesn't dry out as you use a liquid to activate it, i use the Mac Fix + or you can use the Illamasqua sealing gel. Ive already had the mac fix + and i find it works perfectly and you only need a tiny drop so again it last for ages.
This is in the shade mislead. I used an ad picture of the product
as mine is over loved and a little scruffy looking!

I find it so easy to apply and work with as you can get a thin or thick line with it and when it dries it is a Strong Matt black which I love. The finished result always looks smooth and is easy to smoke out into shadow if you are wanting a more smokey look. Basically for me there is nothing this product doesn't do! I love it!!!


Mac fix plus and Illamsqua's sealing gel! Perfect mixing mediums for the eyeliner cake!
I use this everyday either on myself or on clients and anyone I have introduced this product too, they have loved it just as much as I do! Perfect for first time eyeliner triers and for any eyeliner obsessive!

If you could only have one item of make up to take to a desert island which item would you choose???

You can get it at any Illamasqua store or counter or online here....

For the Mac fix plus....
Link to register for a professional account ;

Soap & Glory Goodness...

This is just a short blog post to express my love for a little soap and glory product that I couldn't be without. The marvellous little product is the soap and glory hand sanitiser. Now i know  it isn't the most exciting beauty product, but in my line of work were I'm in close contact to people  and going from one client to another, it is important to sanitise my hands before and after each client, as well as in my day to day life i think there handy to have in my bag.

What makes this  different from the other hand sanitisers is the scent. Unlike others it smells sweet, soft and clean rather than having an overpowering alcohol scent and it is not drying on my hands at all!It has natural grapefruit extract and moisturising ingredients to help soften the skin. It nice so if you are in close contact to a persons face ( not randomly lol, but the likes of applying make up) its more pleasant smell rather than the alcohol smell of the regular sanitisers .

The packaging is an added bonus as it is just like the rest of the soap and glory products, very feminine and pretty. A must have for my set bag and handbag :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fancy a cuppa??

I have to say that even though I am always researching and giving advice on skin care and how to maintain healthy skin, I myself don't always practise what I preach.I eventually decided that I needed to start a more regular skin care routine and to stick to it! one Saturday whilst shopping in tesco's, I came across a new addition that has became a part of my 'get my skin looking better' regime and I didn't find i in the beauty aisle...

It is the Pukka Cleanse tea, its an organic herbal tea that is meant to help maintain a healthy glowing complexion as it has purifying properties. The ingredient's of this tea are;
* Nettle leaf
* Peppermint leaf
* Fennel seed
* Dandelion root
* Licorice root
* Dandelion leaf
It says that in particular the nettle leaf and dandelion root help to cleanse and nourish the skin.

I personally really enjoy the taste of this tea as i am used to drinking herbal teas, bu i would say the main flavour of the tea would be liquorice and peppermint. It is very refreshing and not too overpowering, so if it was you first time drinking herbal  teas it isn't too strong tasting.

I have been drinking this tea 2-3 time (sometimes more) for just over 3 weeks now and i have o say i have noticed a pleasant difference to my skin as well as other people noticing and complementing my skin. I haven't been doing anything different other than my normal cleanse and moisturising on my skin, so i am sure these good results are down to this tea!

I would definitely recommend this, and will continue to have it as part of my daily routine.

Linked below is were the teabags are available :)

Sainsbury's ;;GROSESSIONID=P11MqnGNGkmlj1Q3x170BcxQDddk1wgCrcsNST1tD2j1C7sj6Bb5!-886575661?bmForm=deep_link_groceries_search_javascript&bmFormID=1342125485049&bmUID=1342125485049&screenWidth=1366

Tesco's ;

Pukka ;


Maybe its Maybelline...

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo!!

Recently I have been hearing a lot about the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo's, so i couldn't resist going out and buying one to see for myself what all the fuss is about. I bought one in the shade 'on and on bronze'. I found it hard to choose which shade to buy as all of them were appealing to me, but for once I went for a neutral colour.


My first impression was that i really liked the simple black and glass packaging and that the product was really good value. The texture is lovely as it isn't too creamy and it is smooth and easy to control. It is really easy to work with and blends like a dream. The pigment is great and is exactly the colour you see and expect, although it can be made more sheer through blending and is easy to build up as well.

I wore this product without a primer and on its own and have to say it didn't crease and didn't budge, it can be an effort to remover so for me its perfect. I absolutely love this product and I think it works on its own, or as a base and even as a liner! It is a long lasting, durable multi-tasker that has become a firm favourite in my kit and in my own personal make up bag.

Needless to say I loved it SO much I went back to purchase more shades, and as an added bonus they were on offer 3 for 2, so of course it would of been rude not to take advantage of the offer! I got the three following shades;

     Turquoise Forever

 Endless Purple


Eternal Gold


I can guarantee that i will be purchasing the remaining shades that i don't already have! Let's hope maybelline continue to expand this fantastic line of products!

I will link below were to get these and i will also link a really good youtube tutorial showing the gorgeous Turquoise forever being used :)


Monday, 9 July 2012

Mac's Golden Gem

Mac mineralized eyeshadow in 'Glit by association'

Not that long ago I was having a browse at my local Mac counter, looking around trying to find something that i would end up convincing myself that i had to have! Just as I was about to give up my quest of buying something new from Mac i spotted this little gem...

This photo does not even do this gorgeous product justice (bad camera lol)

Now I have been known to be a bit like a magpie, and anything with a shimmer or a sparkle always catches my eye, but I hadn't seen any eyeshadow as sparkly and as gorgeous as this one! This Mac mineralized eyeshadow is the most stunning antique gold with a mix of black. The shimmer  with this shadow in unreal, the glitter is so finely milled and not over powering or chunky looking.

Its smooth almost cream like texture makes it easy to apply and blend. This eyeshadow creates the perfect smokey, shimmery eye look for an evening or night out. If your wanting to intensify the look a bit more, just apply a black eyeshadow as a base and the apply the shadow on top, this helps add some extra depth.

This product is priced at £16.50 which may be on the pricier side, but it is larger than the normal Mac eyeshadows, (normal shadow is priced at £12.50 for 1.5g and mineralized is £16.50 for 2.5g), and a little really does go a long way.

I absolutely love this product and will definitely be investing in more of there mineralized eyeshadow , especially with their new  'Heavenly Creature' collection which has 9 gorgeous mineralized eyeshadows!! I'll leave a link below to were you can find these products :-)


Mac's new Heavenly Creature collection ;

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cheeky Bargain!

Natural Collection Blushers in Peach Melba and Pink Cloud

During watching one of my favourite youtube beauty guru's, Beautycrush, I heard her mention how good the natural collection blush in Peach Melba was, so the next time I was in Boot's I went and had a nosey at the Natural Collection stand.
Peach Melba

I ended up getting the blush in Peach Melba, a warm peach, and Pink Cloud, a cool baby pink. At first I wasn't expecting too much from these products as they were only £1.99, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

Pink Cloud

The packaging is very simple and plain , but the blush is easily de-potted if you would prefer them in a palette. As the saying goes, its what is on the inside that counts, definitely applies to these blushers as the outside isn't very appealing but the product itself is lovely! It is very smooth and easy to blend.
I love the colour of both these blushers and they have good colour pay off on the skin. The shades as the name of the brand would give away are very natural, so they are perfect for everyday wear!

Peach Melba is ont he right and Pink Cloud is on the left :)

I will definitely be purchasing more of the Natural Collections blushers as you can't go wrong for only £1.99 (and they are always either 3 for 2 or 3 for £5 ...BARGAIN!!) and as an added bonus, they are fragrance free, so perfect for sensitive cheeks :-)!

I will leave the links below for were you can get these products and to Beautycrush's youtube channel :)


Link to Product :

Link to Beautycrush :