Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fancy a cuppa??

I have to say that even though I am always researching and giving advice on skin care and how to maintain healthy skin, I myself don't always practise what I preach.I eventually decided that I needed to start a more regular skin care routine and to stick to it! one Saturday whilst shopping in tesco's, I came across a new addition that has became a part of my 'get my skin looking better' regime and I didn't find i in the beauty aisle...

It is the Pukka Cleanse tea, its an organic herbal tea that is meant to help maintain a healthy glowing complexion as it has purifying properties. The ingredient's of this tea are;
* Nettle leaf
* Peppermint leaf
* Fennel seed
* Dandelion root
* Licorice root
* Dandelion leaf
It says that in particular the nettle leaf and dandelion root help to cleanse and nourish the skin.

I personally really enjoy the taste of this tea as i am used to drinking herbal teas, bu i would say the main flavour of the tea would be liquorice and peppermint. It is very refreshing and not too overpowering, so if it was you first time drinking herbal  teas it isn't too strong tasting.

I have been drinking this tea 2-3 time (sometimes more) for just over 3 weeks now and i have o say i have noticed a pleasant difference to my skin as well as other people noticing and complementing my skin. I haven't been doing anything different other than my normal cleanse and moisturising on my skin, so i am sure these good results are down to this tea!

I would definitely recommend this, and will continue to have it as part of my daily routine.

Linked below is were the teabags are available :)

Sainsbury's ;;GROSESSIONID=P11MqnGNGkmlj1Q3x170BcxQDddk1wgCrcsNST1tD2j1C7sj6Bb5!-886575661?bmForm=deep_link_groceries_search_javascript&bmFormID=1342125485049&bmUID=1342125485049&screenWidth=1366

Tesco's ;

Pukka ;


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