Monday, 9 July 2012

Mac's Golden Gem

Mac mineralized eyeshadow in 'Glit by association'

Not that long ago I was having a browse at my local Mac counter, looking around trying to find something that i would end up convincing myself that i had to have! Just as I was about to give up my quest of buying something new from Mac i spotted this little gem...

This photo does not even do this gorgeous product justice (bad camera lol)

Now I have been known to be a bit like a magpie, and anything with a shimmer or a sparkle always catches my eye, but I hadn't seen any eyeshadow as sparkly and as gorgeous as this one! This Mac mineralized eyeshadow is the most stunning antique gold with a mix of black. The shimmer  with this shadow in unreal, the glitter is so finely milled and not over powering or chunky looking.

Its smooth almost cream like texture makes it easy to apply and blend. This eyeshadow creates the perfect smokey, shimmery eye look for an evening or night out. If your wanting to intensify the look a bit more, just apply a black eyeshadow as a base and the apply the shadow on top, this helps add some extra depth.

This product is priced at £16.50 which may be on the pricier side, but it is larger than the normal Mac eyeshadows, (normal shadow is priced at £12.50 for 1.5g and mineralized is £16.50 for 2.5g), and a little really does go a long way.

I absolutely love this product and will definitely be investing in more of there mineralized eyeshadow , especially with their new  'Heavenly Creature' collection which has 9 gorgeous mineralized eyeshadows!! I'll leave a link below to were you can find these products :-)


Mac's new Heavenly Creature collection ;


  1. This is an amazing colour and a really good size! xxx

  2. I love it! and looks even more amazing on top of a black base!! xxx