Sunday, 15 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Revlon seen to be on a roll this summer with their lip products, from their popular lip butters to now their new just bitten kissable balm stains. After seeing the advertising for this new product i new straight away that i wanted to try them as i have been wanting a lip product in the form of a chubby pencil for quite a while.

The Balm stains have a great introductory offer of only £5.99 and ill then be priced at £7.99, so you are making a saving of £2, this offer is in Superdrug and Boot's at the moment. Even at the £7.99 i think that this is a great price point as well as brilliant value for money for such a great quality product.

The Revelon Balm Stains have been compared to the Clinque Chubby sticks, i myself have never owned a Chubby stick so can't do a comparison, but as far as appearance is concerned they are almost identical other than the Chubby Sticks have silver lids.

I really like the packaging and am really pleased that the product doesn't need sharpened, it twists at the bottom which saves any hassle trying to sharpen it. The lid is very sturdy and wouldn't fall off in a makeup/ handbag. The product itself is what it says on the tin!! It has great colour payoff that lasts long on the lips as it is a stain, but with the balm formulation it doesn't leave the lips dry , quite the opposite it leaves the lips feeling smooth and moisturised.  It has a light mint fragrance and feels cool and refreshing on the lips. It is very lightweight so is perfect for the summer


It comes in 6 different shades all perfect for summer wear, evening and day! I got the shade 015 Cherish Devotion. It is the lighter of the 2 pink shades but can be built up to a string pink or a quick wash of it can be applied to give a natural pink flush to the lips.


I have really enjoyed using this product so far, and is handy to keep in my handbag to give a quick flush of colour on my lips without having to worry to much about how its applied. Application is so easy as it is in a pencil form so is very quick and easy for those on the go.

I think Revlon have hit the nail on the head again with this lip product, and look forward to see what else they bring out this season!


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