Thursday, 19 July 2012

Favourite Lip Duo #1

The first favourite lip duo that i am going to show you is....

Illamasqua's lipstick in 'Underworld'


Rimmel's Vinyl Lipgloss in 'No Regrets'

I absolutely love this lip duo and think that they go together perfectly.Illamasqua's Underworld is a bright pink/purple with a blue under tone which can alter the colour depending on which way the light is shining. Even on its own this lipstick is so unusual and looks amazing on. It is a Matt lipstick so can be quite drying on the lips , but I find it applies smooth and easily. I like to pair this with Rimmel's Vinyl No Regrets. This gloss is the same pink/purple shade with blue glitter/undertone to it so suits the lipstick perfectly. he blue in the gloss and the lipstick also helps to give the illusion to whiter teeth.

Swatched on skin

On the lips


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