Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tangle Teezer

If you are like me and have uncontrollably thick hair , or even if its thin and extremely tangled, you will be able to appreciate how irritating it is to brush your hair! I find it even worse when Ive just wash it and it goes into curly mess of tattyness. I have found the answer to my prayers and that is the tangle teezer..hurrah!


At first I had heard of the Tangle Teezer but hadn't thought much of it , but I kept hearing more and more people talk about how brilliant they were. So I eventually went and got one. I opted for the compact one that had a lid that helps protect the bristles, as I thought this would be handy if I was wanting to throw it into my handbag and it would stop it from getting wrecked.


I thought the choice of packaging was gorgeous and appealing. I went for the pink and black one, there was also a choice of black and gold out of the travel style's. Since i got my Tangle Teezer I haven't looked back, I absolutely love it! It makes it so easy to brush through my hair, be it it after washing it or throughout the day. It is the innovative teeth design that manages to work its way through tangled hair without discomfort and pain. It is also brilliant for back combing if you are wanting to add some volume to your hair.

I use this everyday and would highly recommend it to anyone that has trouble with thick, tangled, unruly hair! You can snap one up from £10.99 - £13.29 and are available at Boot's, Sallys and online. The compact one that i purchased was £12.99, but I definitely think they are worth every penny :)


Link to their website : http://www.tangleteezer.com/

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