Sunday, 15 July 2012

Soap & Glory Goodness...

This is just a short blog post to express my love for a little soap and glory product that I couldn't be without. The marvellous little product is the soap and glory hand sanitiser. Now i know  it isn't the most exciting beauty product, but in my line of work were I'm in close contact to people  and going from one client to another, it is important to sanitise my hands before and after each client, as well as in my day to day life i think there handy to have in my bag.

What makes this  different from the other hand sanitisers is the scent. Unlike others it smells sweet, soft and clean rather than having an overpowering alcohol scent and it is not drying on my hands at all!It has natural grapefruit extract and moisturising ingredients to help soften the skin. It nice so if you are in close contact to a persons face ( not randomly lol, but the likes of applying make up) its more pleasant smell rather than the alcohol smell of the regular sanitisers .

The packaging is an added bonus as it is just like the rest of the soap and glory products, very feminine and pretty. A must have for my set bag and handbag :)

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  1. great review! xx