Monday, 8 July 2013

IMATS London 2013

I finally got to go to IMATS London this year. I had been patiently (well maybe not that patiently), waiting for IMATS to finally happen as I had had my tickets from last summer. To say I was excited that it had finally arrived would probably be an understatement.

                                  Stacy , Myself & Emma all ready to head to IMATS !

I flew over from Belfast with two of my make up chums, Emma & Stacy! We arrived on the Friday and stayed until the Monday, this give us optimum shopping time! We stayed near by the Olympia, just a short distance away at Earls Court, although we still got a taxi each way! In fairness are feet were very sore from the constant walking round stalls and shops.

                            Emma and I trying to hide our excitement in the que 

We headed over to Olympia early on the Saturday , which was good thinking as there already was a big enough que forming out the front. I have to say I was slightly apprehensive as to whether it would live up to the expectations that I had created In my head of what IMATS was going to be like, but I have to say if anything it exceeded it!

I had originally thought all the amazing discounts on such good brands would of obviously been the highlight, but I was wrong, my main highlight over the 2 day event was definately  the talks and workshops. To see and hear some of the most talented and respected make up artist in front of you and hear them give advice and talk about there career was unreal!! My favourites were Neil Gorton, Stuart Bray , Kevin James Bennett and the panel of Mar Coulier, Nick Dudman , Sian Richards and Eve Pearl. I learnt so much at these talks as well as getting to meet some of the industry's best artists.

                         Neil Gortons final piece front he prosthetic ageing talk

                                Stuart Bray's demo for alternative sculpting 

                                                             Panel talk 

Then of course the shopping was amazing! To be honest I was spoilt for choice when it came to deciding what to buy! I mainly got foundations for my kit and then got a little sfx happy. My two favourite brands that I discovered where, Stilazzi and Bluebird. I got a set bag from Stilazzi but after seeing there trolleys I think I may need to invest one. There set bags are practical with useful compartments and come in good sizes. The bluebird ink palettes were something I just lusted over as I had already purchased a couple of skin illustrators. Bluebird inks are a lot more pigmented and come in some amazing colours, I would highly recommend these if your wanting to invest in some ink palettes. 

                                                                  Bluebird Inks 

I found it a really good opportunity to sign up for pro discount, and to find out what brands do pro offers. It was also great to be able to get a proper look at brands that I could only normally get offline like Make up Forever, Lime Crime, Precious About Make Up , Crown Brush and Charles fox. 

My favourite purchases were definately Lime Crimes Red Velvet , Stilazzi set bag and my lovely new Crown Brushes! 
I also got to meet the lovely Karla Powell at the crown brush stand! It was great to meet her and see her work be created in front of me. 

All in all I had an amazing time and would highly recommend any make up lovers to go!! 


Some photos from the weekend 

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