Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rituals Ice Shower

I got this Rituals shower gel a couple of months ago for a birthday present and have been using it practically every time I have had a shower since I got it! I love the scent of it, its is organic bamboo and Chinese mint. The scent makes it so refreshing, especially when using it in the morning.

Rituals suggest to use this product after exercise or in hot weather. This is because it gives such a cooling effect on the skin. They advise you to apply the gel before you have a shower, this is because the longer that you leave it on the skin, the cooler the gel gets. 

I think it is one of the most refreshing shower gels I have tried. I have used other mint based shower gels and nothing has compared to this one! It is in the men's section of Rituals, but is unisex as it doesn't have a masculine scent. It retails at £7 which I think is good value for a high end luxury product.

Rituals philosophy is 'Happiness can be found in the smallest of places', and their aim is to make each of their products transform your everyday routine. I find their products are very luxurious and the quality and scent of the products make you feel like your having a 'Spa like' experience. I would definitely recommend this Ice shower gel and since finishing it, I have gone back to repurchase it and have picked up a couple more of their products and look forward to trying them.

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