Sunday, 7 October 2012

Winter Warmer with Soap & Glory


There is no doubt about it, winter is well and truly here, and there is nothing I love more at the  end of
a long  cold winters day , than have a hot bath! Therefore I have compiled together what I think makes the perfect winter warmer bath with one of my favourite brands Soap & Glory products.

My recipe for the perfect bath is ;

** Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body Wash
 ( I use this as a wash and bubble bath )
** Soap & Glory Some Like It Hot Thermal Scrub
** Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter Lotion
For me, these three products make my bath smell lovely and feel gorgeous. I like to  use the Clean Girls body wash as my bubble bath as I find the pump easy to use in the shower and the bath. You can use the calm one Calm all bubble bath instead, its all down to personal preference, there both as yummy as on another. I find the Clean Girls body was very moisturising, it has natural vanilla fruit and orchid extracts. It has the fragrance of 'Mist you madly'. I find it makes the bath nice and bubbly and gives of a gorgeous fragrant scent.

To add a bit of extra heat to your bath, I love Some like it hot thermal body softening scrub. It has two different sugars in it, macadamia oil, aloe vera , white sand grains which exfoliates your skin like a dream as well as leaving it feel soft and smell lovely. It also has self activating therminerals which makes the scrub heat up when your applying it to the skin. It feels lovely when it is heating up!

After using the scrub I rinse off using the Clean Girls wash, getting rid of any excess bits of the scrub that may be left one the skin. Then to finish off my pamper session, after drying off I use the Righteous Body Butter! This moisturiser has shea butter, almond oil , aloe vera, vitamin E just to name a few of the highly moisturising ingredients that it contains. It is a glorious hydrating
moisturiser that smells like heaven.

For me these products add up to create the perfect winter warmer treat for my bath this winter!
What are your favourite products for a pamper in the winter??

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