Sunday, 16 September 2012

Accesorize make up

I have always looked at the Accesorize make up range any time I was in their shop or in Superdrug, as the gorgeous colours and packaging would of caught my eye. I was unsure whether the products would be good or not, so I decided to give the range a go and got a set of three eye shadows that were in offer in Superdrug last year. I was really surprised when I seen how pigmented the eye shadows were, and they have a gorgeous cream like texture but still have a powder finish. They last well on the eye and don't crease. For the value I couldn't believe how good the product actually was. They are normally priced at £4 per eye shadow, which even at that are a bargain!

More recently I remembered how much I liked the eye shadows and decided to try more of the range. I got one of their Baked Blushers, Shade 5-sensation, and one of their Baked Bronzer Duo's , Shade 4 -bondi. I have to say they have become a staple to my everyday make up! I love the natural look and glow that they give to your skin. You only need a small amount of the blusher and it gives a nice flush of colour to your cheeks as well as giving of a light natural highlight. The bronzer is a duo, so one half you have your more of a bronzed colour, and then you have more of a highlight colour. I got one of the lighter shades as I’m quite pale and don’t really like the over bronzed look. It is perfect for everyday wear as it too give a natural finish on the skin; both of these products remind me or Mac's Mineralized skin finishes and blush. Although the products are so a like the price difference isn’t. Mac mineralized blush retails at £19, and the Accessorize Baked Blusher retails at £5 and the mac Mineralized Skin finish retails at £21.50 and the Accessorize Baked Bronzer is only £6. For the quality of the product I would go for the Accessorize ones as I honestly don’t see a huge difference, I will definitely be re-purchasing some of these in different shades as you could practically get 4 for the price you would pay for one of Mac's!
I definitely think more high street brands form the likes of Superdrug and Boots are worth trying out, as a lot of their products are either very similar to more high end brands if not exact copies!

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