Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Top 3 Brush Cleaners

To me one of the most important things that you should do is clean your make up brushes. In my line of work as a Make up artist I think it is essential to always thoroughly clean your make up brushes after every use whether they are your own personal brushes or ones that you use on clients. You don't always  have to give a deep shampoo clean after each use, but it is important to at least do a quick spot clean on your brushes.

I personally use two different products for giving a quick clean to my brushes and then a different product to give them a deep cleanse wash!


For spot cleaning i use IPA ( Isoprophal Alcohol) or Beauty so clean conditioning brush cleanse. IPA  is a 99% proof alcohol liquid that cleanse and disinfects your brushes helping kill any bacteria. I would spray the brush lightly with IPA or i would spray some on a towel or cloth and then clean the brush against the towel. It cleans the brush quickly and effectively and dries almost instantly. You normally have to order it in at your local chemist and cost around £8 for 500ml, which i think is great value. You need to make sure you are careful with this product as it is alcohol and you would soak your brush in it as you don't want the glue that binds the brush to disintegrate. I decant it into the travel spray bottles you can get at boots or any other chemist.


Another great spot cleaner is the beauty so clean conditioning brush cleanse. The scent of this one isn't as strong a smell but it too contains a high amount of alcohol content which helps disinfect the brush and for it to dry out quickly after cleaning. I use it in the same way as i use the IPA, buy spraying it on the brush or a towel and cleaning the brush against the towel. It retails at £11for 125ml form, which again is good value for money.


If i am wanting to give my brushes a really good cleanse I would give them a shampoo with Johnson's baby shampoo. Its cheap, affordable and easy to get hold off and do a brilliant job of giving your brushes a great clean! I would put a tiny amount of it on the Palm of my hand and swirl my brush in it and then rinse until the water runs clear. A simple easy cost effective way to get your brushes in tip top shape! When leaving my brushes to dry I always lay them flat on a towel with the brush end at the edge of the table.

I have tried other brands like the mac brush cleaner but find these 3 products the most effective and brilliant for value products on the market at the minute :)

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