Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sleek Shangri-la Collection

The latest collection to come from Sleek is the Shangri-la collection. This consists of two eyeshadow palette's and two lip glosses. The lip glosses were average normal glosses, nice texture but nothing over whelming, But as per usual as soon as I seen the new eyeshadow palettes I knew I had to have them. The quality of sleek eye shadows are amazing with great consistency and brilliant pigmentation, these two palettes are no exception! Firstly I think its great that these two palettes ( Supreme and Respect Palette) are made up of predominately matte shadows as apposed to having an overwhelming amount off shimmer based shadows. They also won me over by the packaging as it was eye catching compared to there usual black outer packaging.

The Supreme Palette

The Supreme palette is made up of cool blue, earthy greens and mustard yellow tones and only has one gorgeous shimmer that is a pale white silver that is a perfect highlight. I think its great that out of the 12 shadows 11 of them a matte! I love the shades that come in this palette and think this is the perfect autumnal cool shades. As per usual the pigmentation is excellent and they are very long lasting. The texture of the powder is very smooth and therefore makes it easy to apply and blend.

Although the dark navy looks like a shimmer it is matte!

The Respect Palette

The Respect palette is made up of warmer tones of dark browns, antique gold, warm beige and rich orange and pink's. Again I love how there are more matte eye shadows than shimmers as its rare for this in high street palettes. The colours are gorgeous and are perfect if your wanting a warm autumnal palette as apposed to the supreme palette. I also think this is a lovely palette for the festive season!  Again the pigmentation is great and they are smooth easy to apply and blend like a dream!

Any one who has tried the sleek palette's will love these depending on which colours you prefer in either palette! Sleek continue to bring out great quality products that are priced affordable and that compare to high end eyeshadow products! Well worth a try :)

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