Friday, 21 September 2012

My Make up Swap

Earlier on in the year I decided that I would really love to do a make up swap with some one in the US. I thought that this would of been a great way to try different products that I had never tried as they aren't available in the UK. I found a Blogger who was interested in doing a swap with someone from the UK so i got in touch with her!
We both had about two products or a certain brand that we wanted to try and then set a budget! We let eachother know what type of styles / colours that we liked in make up and products. This was a great idea as it means we know what colours to go for in different products. 
I think this is a great way to try different products from different countries that aren't available from were you live and is also great for interacting with other bloggers.
I will leave a link to her great blog below and will update you on when i recieve my package of make up goodies :)


** If you do decide to do a make up swap with another Blogger/ Youtuber Make sure you do so safely!!**

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