Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy Birthday Illamasqua!!

I am writing this post to acknowledge the 4th birthday of a brand that, since they came along, I have loved and obsessed over there new innovative products, colours , advertising and stores!

Illamasqua is a brand that based its heritage on the culture that was a live in Berlin in the 1920's. This was a time of freedom of artistic expression as there were  new creative limits, this was  when the brand Kryolan was born.  Kryolan was always a brand that wanted to create products for the professionals and for those who wanted to create and express there individuality whether it was on TV, Film , Theatre or even the streets. Then came a live a brand that embodies the  same creative genes and empowerment in make up and that brand was Illamasqua.

Before then we had the same mainstream make up brands that continued to reproduce the same colours styles and looks, and eventually let packaging take over the actual quality of the products themselves . Then when Illamasqua came out of the wood work the beauty halls were filled with vivid colours, strong pigments, amazing quality products, all embodied in sleek stylish packaging.

There advertising campaigns alone are so interesting and unique as they provide a booklet explaining in depth the collection, explaining the story of the the company,products as well as showing you how much thought actually goes into each product collection and photographs. 

They are a brand that truly believe in self expression in the for of make up artistry and support the creativity of each individual that becomes there customer. They stand up of the right to self expression and support the S.O.P.H.I.E charity and in there fight to stand up for those who want to embrace there individuality.
S.O.P.H.I.E. Donation

I personally use and adore Illamsaqua products and would use them personally and professionally in my work as a freelance make up artist. Everything about the brand from the products down to there staff are exceptional. When I was in London last year for my birthday, one of the places I was most excited about going to was of course there flagship store in beak street. I was booked in for an appointment to get my make up done as they had an event on in store with there Art team were doing free make overs. I was lucky enough to get my make up done by the lovely Leena Adesara. Whilst getting my make up done I was lucky enough to be in the presence of the amazing David Horne, now if that didn't make me start struck as it was, whilst there the one and only Alex Box who I have always looked up to and admired as a make up artist called in quickly to check on some students that were at the school at the time. I had explained to Leena how much of a fan I was of Alex and I think it was quite obvious by how nervous I had got. After getting my make up done I left and met my boyfriend for lunch. After lunch I seen I had a missed call on my phone and a voice mail. I near fainted when I listened to it as it was Alex Box herself saying that Leena had told her how much I loved her work and wished me a happy birthday. I have never been so happy to leave my number when booking an appointment or else this wouldn't of happened, nor would it of happened if it hadn't been for Leena.

** Make up By Leena **

I think this basically sums up how amazing the company are and how much they care about there customers and fans. It is a brand that I and many more will always love!!

Very kindly Leena let me send here a couple of questions regarding her thoughts on Illamasqua and here are her answers...

Leena Adesara

1) How did you first hear about Illamasqua and come about working for them?

 I heard about Illamasqua whilst I was working for another cosmetics company, from a friend who started with them in London 2008.

She was raving on about the company so I had to go and see it for myself, I did and of course fell head over heels in love not just with the products but what the company stands for. I actually got the job on my birthday Jan 27th 2009 and have never looked back since!

I started out as assistant manager, then worked up to national artist where I got to travel to Dubai and Australia to work for Illamasqua, then became a key artist and now reached my dream of being Northen Trainer.

2) What Does Illamasqua mean to you?

Illamasqua is not only my career choice it is a way of life for me, the way it has changed my thinking of make-up, to understanding different styles of make-up and that make-up is not just for vanity purposes its a way of life for some. I feel a deep emotional connection to this brand which has expanded my mind and abilities. I will forever be grateful working for them.

3) What do you think sets Illamsqua apart from other brands?

The fact that we are an Independent British Company.

 We are truly for anyone no matter what age, sex, race. Illamasqua artists are trained to such a high level that every customer walks away not only with an amazing new look, but a whole make-up experience and journey, we pride ourselves in the way we teach our customers to apply their own make-up, we make sure we take the time out to make every single one of our customers feels like they are part of us.

The products are completely unique, who else does 57% pigment matte eyeshadows? They have the highest level of colour pay off. The fact that we opened in a recession with people telling us we couldn't do it! WE DID IT! And now we have stores worldwide with a huge following, without over marketing or using celebrities to front our makeup campaigns.

Most of our artists have met Alex Box, Julian Kynaston (founder) and Joe Corre. Which other company can say they have met the top people and have a real conversation with them? They totally and completely support us and what we bring to the brand, their is so much support for our artists in terms of progression in the company and progression in their artistry skills.

The brand is cruelty free!

We have the school of make-up in London with courses available to beginners and professionals- you will learn so much its amazing! We also hold beauty school drop in around the UK these are free yes FREE makeup classes.We support the S.O.P.H.I.E. CHARITY Stamp Out Prejudice, Hate and intolerance everywhere.

4) If you had to pick your top 3 Illamsqua products what would they be?

Ooo only 3??

the best foundation I have ever used!! primer, concealer and foundation in one, lots of shades to suit EVERY skin tone, lightweight yet have a medium to full coverage. I use it as an eyelid primer too and on photoshoots, brides... it is a HD foundation so the camera will love it.

Medium Pencils:
Soft blendable pencils, that can be used on eyes lips and cheeks in rainbow, flesh tone and dark colours, see youtube video on skin sketching technique you could do a whole smokey eye from just 3 pencils! One colour I cant live with out is Vow, a nude flesh tone great for highlighting under brows and used for makeup correction, under eyes and over blemishes.

Translucent Powder:
LP010, now I have medium to dark skin normally translucent powders look chalky on me, not this one and its buttery soft without being dry on your skin. I use this every single day and could not live with out it, my job is quite hectic as I am a trainer I am travelling up and down the country and this powder keeps my foundation stay put and looking fresh.



  1. Wow! This is great Jenn :) and I am sooo happy that I have all three items that's on her top three ;) well done you on getting an interview with her!! x

  2. Brilliant Jen - great article and fantastic you got an interview!! Love it as always! Eve x