Thursday, 15 November 2012

November Nails - Never too old for a pamper

For today's November Nails I have decided to give my own nails a rest and go and give someone  a bit of a pamper. I had been meaning to go and do my Nanny's nails for a while so yesterday I went down and give her a bit of a pamper by giving her a manicure.

My nanny is a lady in her 80's who has always taken pride in her appearance and still loves getting her hair done and always has kept her nails neat and tidy and why wouldn't she, I sure hope I'm like that at her age. So to start here manicure I gave her nails a file and then applied Skin Truth Cuticle Remover on to her cuticle to soften them and remove any unnecessary skin around that area. Before applying the nail polish I wiped over the nails with nail polish remover just to remove any excess product.


Then I applied two coats of Barry M's nail paint in the colour  342 Nude . This is a great natural colour that just gives a healthy colour and shine to the nail. I then applied a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine top coat which made the nails even more glossy looking and added the perfect finishing touch to the nails!

** I will be doin a seperate review on this litlle beauty cus I just love it hat much :) **

Once the nails had dried , I done a mini hand and arm massage with my favourite hand cream, Patisserie De Bin Sugared Violet Hand Cream. I adore this, one of my favourite sweets are Parma Violets and this smells like them. It leave the hands feeling so soft and look glowing. It is a gorgeous hand cream!

** The finished result! My Nanny showing off her nails **

My Nanny loved the end result and spent the day showing her nails off! I enjoyed being able to give her a pamper as it give people such a nice pick me up from the rest of the day! With Christmas coming up, this is a great idea if you want to give some one a special present! Why not treat your loved ones to a pamper?



  1. Aww haha that's too cute I can imagine your nan showing her nails to everyone :D The handcream looks gorgeous indeed, love the little vintage tin xx

  2. this is so sweet and you did a great job on your nanny's hands and nails! :)x