Friday, 9 November 2012

One for the Boys - Nivea for Men Skincare

A while ago it was my other half's birthday, and as one of his pressies, I got him the Nivea for men mini selection tub. This little tub contained ;

* Nivea Energy Shower Gel
* Silver Protect Antiperspirant
* Sensitive Face Wash
*Sensitive Post Shave Balm

I got this from the Christmas gift selection from Superdrug, i think it cost between £4-5.99 ( sorry I cant remember the exact price and its no longer on there website!) I thought this was a good sample selection for hi to try out the products and see if he liked them.

Then more recently he was saying how his skin had gotten really dry and I asked him had he been trying out the skincare... being a typical male he hadn't and it was still sitting int he tub! So I said to him I would get him a moisturiser as the kit didn't contain on and suggested he  tried the products as they would make a difference.

I decided to stick to the Nivea range and got him the Nivea for men sensitive moisturiser. For £6.99 for there full size moisturiser that is 75ml, I thought this was good value as it is alcohol and fragrance free as well as containing pure chamomile which is great for men's skin to sooth irritation from shaving.

The other day I noticed how good his skin was looking and told him how good it looked, and he responded by saying how he had been using the wash, post shave balm and moisturiser! It really did make a difference and made his skin look really fresh, bright and smooth. He only uses it when he shaves and every other day or so to moisturise but you can definitely see how beneficial it is.

I think this Nivea for men range is really good for men who don't use any form of skin care and just want something basic, uncomplicated and that works! I also think these mini sample tubs are an excellent way to try out a few products before trying out the full size product, plus there great for travel :)


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