Wednesday, 7 November 2012

November Nails - Rimmel Precious Stones

For today's November nails I have chosen Rimmel's new line of glitter polishes for Christmas and that's Rimmel's Precious Stones Nail Polish. I got the Shade Diamond Dust - A lovely deep silver.

I have been absolutely loving any nail polishes that are glittery and shimmery now its comming into christmasy months as I think it adds a lovely bit of sparkle for everyday and these polishes are no exception. I love the brush on this polish as it is short and wide so covers the nail in one stroke. I gave my nails 3 coats of polish but you could easily get away with 2! I love the way it dosen't look overlly shiney but if you would like it too a top coat would do that easily. I thinks its a really nice change how it is a dark silver rather than the usual bright silvers that are on the market at the moment.

I am very pleased with this polish and when I purchased this one, I also got the red glitter in Ruby Crush so I'm sure you will be seeing a review on that one too throughout the November Nails feature.

I definitely think this will be one of my go to polishes as it is so easily to apply and dries so quickly. It is a colour that will go with everything and is perfect for everyday and night!!! I really hope Rimmel add more colours to this collection!


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