Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inglot Blogger Event

On Tuesday the 6th of November, Inglot hosted its first blogger event in Belfast. I was so excited to finally see an event for bloggers in Belfast and was surprised at how big the turnout was as I was unaware of how many bloggers Belfast actually has!!

Inglot had the store looking amazing and put on a lovely spread of Champagne and sweets! I had been in to the store once or twice before and it was so lovely having the chance to have a good look at all the products. Once everyone had a good chance to have a nosey at the products and have a chat , we all sat down for a make up demo by the lovely in store make up artist Nicky Whitten. The products that they are launching were a 14 piece Brush set, There New range of Shimmer Rainbow eyeshadows and there new festive frosty Nail polihes. In the range there are 10 of the new eyeshadows and 5 of the polishes.
** The New 5 Shades of Nails Polish **

** New Collection of Shimmer Raibow shadows!**

It was really good getting to see a demonstration of how they use the products and actually getting to see how these products look on the skin. I have to say my personal favourite was the eyeshadows as the colour range is stunning and the pigmentation is amazing! These little beauties retail at £7 each!!! Yes they actually are that cheap and you are basically getting 3 colours for the price of one!!! Not many eyeshadows provide you with enough choice to do a smokey eye look in the one pan!! The Nail varnish are priced at £8 which is good value as they are a really good quality nail polish and dries really quick! The Colours of polish are very on trend for the festive season.

I think it is a really good idea that they have brought out a bush set with the essential brushes that you would need and that are made for specific professional use, therefore the customer isn't getting loads of brushes that they wouldn't need! The price of the brush set is £125 which for 14 full size brushes works out under £10 for each brush which is great value for money. This Set has everything you would need for day to day make up from all your face, lip and eye brushes that you could possibly need! I think this especially would make an amazing Christmas present for any make up lover !!

** I'm really sorry, But only got a photo of the brush set after it was used in the demo .. whoops! There are 2 compartments to the brush set and they really are great quality!! **


Inglot very kindly gave all the bloggers who attended a goody bag as well as letting us each pick 2 of our favourite rainbow shadows to take home and try!! Of course this made everyone extremely excited, especially after seeing how gorgeous the shadows were during the demo!

** The red bag was are gorgeous goody bag and the purple is the stuff I bought..**

** This is what was in the gorgeous goody bag ; Inglot Nail Varnish from the new collection, mines is the number 225, Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip paint, AMC eyeshadow in Shine, YSM cream foundation sample and 2 of the Rainbow shadows .

There was also an offer on specially for the event that you would get 20 % of any purchases in store that night, so of course I couldn't resist picking up a few items that had caught my eye.... It would of been rude not to!!

I got another one of the Rainbow shadows as I couldn't make up my mind which two I wanted and really loved this one as I thought it was more unusual having the three shades of red. I then got a freedom palette to put my three Rainbow shadows in. One of the products that really caught my eye during the make up demo was the eyebrow gels, I the light brown and dark brown gel. I also wanted the blond shade but was out of stock, although I will definitely be going back to purchase it. I then Bought an empty palette to put the eyebrow gels in. Lastly I got one of the Body Sparkles in the number 71. I am really looking forward to trying these products out!

** This is the palette I got filled with the 3 new Rainbow shadows. **

** Eyebrow gels in palette **

I had a really good time at the event and loved getting to know more about the products and the brand. It was a great chance to meet some lovely bloggers as well!! Here are some photos I took through out the event!

** Inglot Make up Artist Nicky Whitten doing the demo **

I would also like to give out a little mention to two other bloggers that I met at the event, TJ and Ruth :)

** Ruth, TJ and myself at the event **

You can get a link to Ruth's Blog here and a link to Tj's YouTube channel here !! You should definitely go and have a nosey at their blog and channel as they have amazing style and are just lovely ladies!!

I would like to say a huge Thanks to all the lovely staff at Inglot Belfast for throwing such an amazing bloggers event and if you haven't been to the store yet ...firstly why not?? and secondly get down there as there products are amazing!!!!



  1. Lots of lovely pics there. I was at the Limerick event, was fab too :)

    1. Thanks :) aww cool did you enjoy it? It was such a good idea them having blogger events! Hopefully more companies will start doing it! Such a good way to learn about brands andd see the products in action!


  2. Great photos!!! Still buzzing from tuesday! Thanks for the wee shout out xo we need another excuse to meet up soon x

    1. Hey!

      Aw thanks! Ino Im still so excited from it! Loving trying out my new products!! Rainbow shadows and the eyebrow gels!! No worries :) was so lovely meeting other bloggers/youtubers!

      Deff need another meet up soon :)